"Unleash Your Sales Potential: Learn to Multiply Your Results By 10x and Become a Sales Champion!"

Learn how selling skills can improve your life and how these are the key to success in any endeavour. Gaining mastery over the art of selling is crucial to realising your objectives, regardless of what you're trying to sell—a product, a service, or an original idea.

Become a member of the esteemed "Sales Pro Club" to start your path to excellence. Our in-depth sales training programme gives you the skills, mindset, and resources you need to overcome any sales obstacle and achieve new levels of professional success. Make your dreams of prosperity a reality by using your persuasive selling techniques!

Join the Sales Pro Club right away, and let us help you achieve success like no other. As you reach the peak of sales excellence, dare to question "how high?" rather than just "how."

Hi! I'm Deepak Rawat

a former Chief Business Officer at a leading fintech, who is now a mentor, coach, and trainer in sales. I've had an incredible 18-years career in on-ground sales, during which I've built and led high-performance teams that have created over 300 sales champion squads. I have dedicated the majority of my life to a mission to empowering people with the most important talent of all: "Selling Skills." This purpose is driven by an everlasting appetite for knowledge in the profession of sales.

I started the Sales Pro Club in 2021 after realising the disconnect between management degrees that are purely theoretical and the practical reality of the sales profession. This innovative programme aims to provide striving salespeople the resources, knowledge, and guidance they require to master the craft of selling. 

Come along with me as we bridge the gap between knowledge and action on this transforming journey.  

I am a firm believer that:

"Sales is not a profession but A Way Of Life"

Sales Transformation

We spark transformation in Sales professionals to reach their maximum potential in the fast-paced business environment of today. We revolutionise sales effectiveness through cutting-edge techniques and a customer-centric attitude. Our goal is to promote innovation, enhance efficiency, and promote sustainable growth. Together, we reframe the term "sales excellence," enabling sales People & businesses to grow and prosper. Unleash your sales potential with us on this transformational journey for unmatched success.

Sales Training & Mentoring

Our sales training and mentoring programmes gives you the skills you need to succeed in the competitive sales environment of the present time. We offer thorough courses, custom-tailored coaching, and real-world scenarios to help you develop your sales skills. Our instructors are skilled professionals. In order to close sales and create long-lasting client connections, develop your self-assurance, persuasiveness, and strategic thinking. No matter if you're an experienced salesperson or a business owner, our programme is specifically designed to match your needs. 

Sales Pro Club Communi
Sales Pro Club

Creating an environment that is encouraging is essential for learning new skills. With this understanding in mind, I established a community named after our well-known "Sales Pro Club." Our goal is to create a vibrant environment where sales learners can flourish.

You can find a network of people in our community that share your commitment to your sales journey. We build an atmosphere that boosts your success and progress through inspiring conversations, teamwork, and important mentoring.

Home for Sales Learners, Welcome home future Sales Champions

Simple Process to Get Started

By now you would be prepared to step up your sales performance. Explore different membership levels we offer by becoming a member of our unique community. Learn about the world of change and expansion that is waiting for you.

Register for our upcoming Quantum Sales Workshop to get vital tactics and insights that will completely transform your sales approach. It's the ideal place to begin your journey towards sales transformation.

We've got something special in store for you if you've already participated in our live class and are determined to raise your sales game over the next eight weeks. Directly request access to our other advanced level memberships to accelerate your path to becoming a Sales Champion.

Don't miss out this chance to reach your full sales potential. Join us now and experience the power of our community as you walk on this irresistible path of sales excellence. 


3 - Days Live Workshop coveirng:

Understanding Objections and Building a Resilient Mindset

Mastering the Art of Objection Handling

Crush Price Resistance

Real-Life Sales Objection Cases discussion

Certification on succefully completing "Quantum Sales Workshop"

Roadmap to Accelerating a 10x Sales Transformation

Private Network Access


8-weeks advance level program for 10X results 

Live sessions every week

Practical Sales Scneraios

Refining Sales Strategies

Effective Closing Techniques

Negotiation and Deal Management

Sales Pipeline Management and Forecasting

Lean batch sizes

Cretificated on Succesfull Completion of "Quantum Sales Mastery"

Leadership Blueprints

3 Months Subscription


Awaking the Sales Leader within

Sales Leadership Strategies

Group Mentoring Session

1:1 Sessions

Close Proximity Learning

Account Manager based Accounability System


Certification at the end of programme

Priority Access

Annual Subscription

Trusted by Professionals

This community is built with love! Our focus is to help you get results.

I got on a 1 on 1 consultation call with Deepak and found the conversation insightful. Deepak is an expert in Sales who has a knack for explaining complex concepts with the help of examples. 

Most of my misconceptions about sales are solved. Now, I have decided to work closely with Deepak and take his Sales guidance. Happy to take this new learning path. Thanks for the excellent guidance.

Devi D

Communication Coach & Trainer

Sales Coach Deepak Rawat Testimonial

I was having trouble with sales Prospecting & Closing clients. 

After having a 1:1 Consultation Call with Deepak, I have gained clarity & a massive amount of knowledge of how to approach clients & make the project effective.

If Sales was a religion, Deepak is the Head Priest. He knows the Depth of Sales & how to make it very simple to Understand.

Angamba Longjam

Helping Busy Business Owners

Deepak Rawat Sales Trainer Testimonial

I wrote "Bhai" after his name because he made me feel so after the first 1:1 consultation call. 

Till now I've attended two classes. Only two classes helped me a lot with transparency in client approach and sales techniques.

I recommend his course and coaching with a 5-star rating.

Sreelipta Das

Market Research and Social Media Analyst

Join Our Awesome Community & Live The Champion's Lifestyle!

Deepak Rawat Sales

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